Established 1987


Never give up!

You don't know how close you may be to success.


This is a good question! Our main aim is to expand the knowledge and understanding of Bonsai and to assist beginners and experienced growers in this ancient art and hobby. At the society we cater for people that have grown trees from seed, collected Yamadori or created a Bonsai from garden centre nursery stock. We also look at how to display bonsai correctly in a Tokonoma environment using other accent items such as Suiseki, Scrolls and Kusamono.


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Established 1987

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What are the goals of the Cheshire Bonsai Society?

Our existing members have trees of every size including Mame, Shohin and Chuhin. These sizes of trees also include many different styles, the most popular of these being Informal Upright (Moyogi), Windswept (Fukinagashi), Cascade (Kengai), Half Cascade (Han Kengai), Clump (Kadudachi), Literati (Bunjin) and Group/Forest (Yose Ue).

To bring the tree to its full potential in five or fifty years, you need to nurture it, understand how it grows, know what to feed it at different times of the year, plus how and when to water it. This is where we can help you.

At the meetings there are expert speakers who regularly attend to give demonstrations, plus you can buy trees, wire, tools, pots and soil which will all assist you with your hobby. In addition to this we have other events throughout the year, please see our calendar for the full program.

We welcome visitors to all our meetings.

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